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How to Get 10 New Targeted Sales Leads in the Next 10 Minutes

Tweet This?

Don’t blink; this is a super-short ‘post’, no fluff, just action!

1. Get a Free Statusbrew acct

2. Connect your twitter acct.

3. Click the ‘Audience‘ link on your profile.

4. From the left-hand sidebar, scroll down and click the ‘Power Search‘ link.

5. Type in a keyword or phrase you would expect your target audience to have in their twitter bio text.

Wrap it in quotes if you want exact-match.

For example, if you’re trying to reach people that own (or work for) marketing agencies, then you might type in “Marketing Agency”.

6. Click the search button… wait for the list to populate.

7. Go to the filters in the right-hand sidebar and filter out people you don’t want.

For example…

– if you only want English speakers, set that filter.
– if you only want people that have tweeted recently, set the ‘last tweeted’ filter at 7 days.
– if you only want people with a follower to following ratio above 2.0, set that filter.

These filters are key. There are tons more than the three I’ve mentioned here (both demographic and activity related).

[ click to enlarge image above in a new tab ]

8. That’s it, scroll down through the list… those are your fresh new sales leads.

9. Make first contact by following them from right there within the statusbrew interface, or if you prefer, click the ‘Open in Twitter’ link on the bottom right-hand side of their statusbrew listing.

Even better: You can even download a CSV file to open in excel (or a PDF file) of all those leads you just found.

The statusbrew free plan does limit how many people you can follow per day, but it does NOT limit how many different searches and/or filters you can use to find leads, so you can find tons of great leads this way just by searching and filtering.

Play around with the filters and keywords until you’re getting the exact kinds of leads you’re looking for.

So there you go, 10 leads in 10 minutes… pretty cool right!

Quick Sales Pitch:

This is the exact process I use to grow leads & followers for my clients. If you don’t have the time or desire to do this yourself, you can hire me to do it for you Plans & Pricing

Ps. I get most of my clients from the marketing agencies I work with. If you own or work for a Marketing Agency, Email me for White-Label Bulk Pricing if you have multiple client accts you want us to grow for you.

[email protected]